Vuvuzela 2010

Vuvuzela 2010 5.0

The World Cup wail on your iPhone


  • Realistic vuvuzela sound
  • Available in 10 team colors


  • Gets irritating very quickly!


With Vuvuzela 2010you can recreate the drone of the South African horn on your iPhone.

The World Cup in South Africa will be remembered largely for the howls of the vuvuzela that accompanied every game. Vuvuzela 2010 allows you to cheer on your team, simply by tapping the screen, or shaking your iPhone to emit the wail of the horn.

Beware though because, as Vuvuzela 2010 warns you before you launch it, the noise is very, very irritating. In fact, it could even be a contender for inclusion into the Annoyance! app of sounds that set your teeth on edge.

You can customize the horn in Vuvuzela 2010 with your country's colors, and there ten different teams outfits to choose from. There's not much more to the app than this though, so the chances are you'll get fed up of it before too long.

However, if you're a football fan, or you just have neighbors that you hate, then it's worth having a blast on Vuvuzela 2010.

Vuvuzela 2010


Vuvuzela 2010 5.0

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